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Staff & Special Guests

Amanda Jables-Darko Robertson - ring crew
The Amaral brothers (Josh, Tyler & Aaron) - ring crew
Amy Latesa - TV interviewer
Andrew Briggs - ring crew
Andrew Russo - special guest enforcer
The Arenas sisters (Ashleigh & Haleigh) - ring crew
Ashley McNaught - ring crew
Chris Basfa - TV commentator
Cody Boyns - guest referee, Honorary Champion
Dan Renaud - ring crew
Dave Rodrigues - ringside photographer
Donna Degnan - ring crew
Flavio Gonzalez - commentator
Holly Arenas - AV technician
Jack Martin - TV commentator
Jasmine Baker - TV interviewer
Jason Schoolcraft - cameraman
Jim Dimmak - TV commentator
Joe Drazek - ring announcer
Joe Palardy - president
John Brillion - ring attendant
John Renaud - time keeper
John Taylor - cameraman
Justin Bazinet - ring crew / AV technician
Kevin Bowden - cameraman
Kim Renaud - AV technician, ring crew
Kirk - Power-Fest 96 special guest
Leo Fontaine - guest referee
Louie - ring attendant
Mac Prior - photographer, ring crew
Martin Shan - TV commentator
Megan Amaral - ring attendant
Michael Skeldon - guest interviewer
Mike Desjean - ring crew
Mike Elias - "Powerbomb" interviewer
Mike Giusti - TV interviewer
Nicky Valois - guest ring announcer
Pete Renaud - ring crew
Pete Rosellavich - commentator
Peter King - ring announcer
Pinky Johnson - president
Rick Stone - interviewer
Sean Desjean - ring crew
Seth Guziejka - ring crew
Shock Wilson - TV commentator
Spock - Power-Fest 96 special guest
Steve Degnan - AV technician
Steve Mauricio - cameraman
Steve Ricard - cameraman
Tex Ritter - TV commentator
Theodore Vinicino - president
Tim Morrisey - TV interviewer
Tyrone McGettigan - ring crew