The 1998 Six-Man Struggle

Power League Wrestling presents the 1998...
Sunday, January 18th
St. Anthony's Parish Center Pawtucket, R.I.

Ring Officials:
Rene Menard, Felix Ramos, Dennis Giguere

Six-Man Struggle match
Johnny Vegas, Tony Amoré & Jason "the Slasher" vs. Gino Martino, Rip Morrison & Sgt. Muldoon - Watch this match
Order of elimination:
Amoré - pin by Martino
Jason - pin by Morrison
Morrison - D.Q. (body-slammed referee Felix Ramos)
Muldoon and Martino - D.Q. (arguing Morrison's D.Q.)
Winner: Johnny Vegas

"Brutal" Bob Evans & Gary "the Torch" Kudalis def. Troy Young & Skull - Watch this match

Six-Man Struggle match
Maniacal Mark, John 3:16 & Dr. Hersey vs. T.J. Richter, Vertabreaker & Derik Destiny - Watch this match
Order of elimination:
Destiny - walked away from ringside
Heresy - pinned
Richter - count-out
Mark - D.Q. (use of object)
Vertabreaker - pin by John 3:16
Winner: John 3:16

Six-Man Struggle match
Scott Thomas & Pillars of Power vs. Amazin' Jay & Knights of the Realm - Watch this match
Order of Elimination:
Exterminator & Amazin' Jay - Double D.Q.
Thomas - pin by Bosch
Dimmak - pin by Sub-Zero
Bosch - pin by Sub-Zero
Winner: Sub-Zero

Boogie Knight def. Universal Soldier - Watch this match

World Title Match
Defenseman def. "Lethal" Paul Lauzon - Watch this match