Results from March 3, 1996

"Clash at the Community Center"
The Community Center - Central Falls, Rhode Island
Benefit for the Center

Ring Officials: Rene Menard, Jimmy Dean, Felix Ramos, Bill Eaton

Jason "the Slasher" w/ Johnny Velour def. Kamikaze - Watch this match

"Cape Verdean Bandit" Pedro Santos def. Wilderness Man - Watch this match

Alex Payne w/ Paul Lauzon def. "Brutal" Bob Evans - Watch this match

Mighy Bosch def. Smudge Baby w/ Johnny Velour - Watch this match

Steamroller w/ DC Flawless def. John Torres w/ The Rose - Watch this match

"Lethal" Paul Lauzon def. Kamikaze - Watch this match

Pillars of Power def. Masked Ninjas - Watch this match

Boston Bulldogs def. Jones Boy & Ring King - Watch this match

Matthew, Kyle & Ryan Storm def. Jugmanos #3, 12 & 17 - Watch this match

"American Eagle" Shane Simons def. Jason "the Slasher" w/ Johnny Velour - Watch this match

Maniacal Mark & "Mad Dog" Mike Messier w/ Johnny Velour def. Kevin Lee Roth & Pedro Santos - Watch this match

Tag Team Title Match
Champions Pillars of Power def. Matthew & Kyle Storm (by D.Q.) - Watch this match

Max Knight def. D.C. Flawless - Watch this match

New England Title Match
Champion Max Knight vs. Macho Kid (double D.Q.) - Watch this match

World Title Match
Champion Amazin' Jay def. Scott Thomas w/ DC Flawless - Watch this match

Hurricane Match - Team with most pinfalls in 20 minutes wins - Watch this match
"Brutal" Bob Evans, the Defenseman and the Boston Bulldogs (Rip Morrison & Johnny Royal)
def. "Lethal" Paul Lauzon, Alex Payne, Hiroshi Hasi and Knightmare
(pinfalls: team Evans 3, team Lauzon 2)
- Knightmare pin Defenseman (13:10)
- Defenseman pin Knightmare (12:49)
- Lauzon pin Evans (8:20)
- Morrison pin Payne (2:27)
- Evans pin Lauzon (overtime)