Results from April 11, 2010

Jewish Community Center - Providence, RI
A benefit event for St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Academy's 8th Grade class trip

Prior to the matches, a moment of silence and the ten bell salute was held in memory of Jack Savage, who passed away on March 22nd. He was a ring official for PLW in 1996 and 1997.

Ring Officials: Willie Jackson, Tom James, Zac Carter, Matt Calamare

New England Title Match
Champion Alex Payne w/ Paul Lauzon def. Mini McGraw w/ Daisy McGraw - Watch this match

Vinny Marseglia def. Matt Magnum - Watch this match

Carlos Arenas speaks to the fans - Watch

Nicholas Night def. Chris Blackheart - Watch this match

Doink def. Davey Loomis w/ J.C. Marx - Watch this match

Tag Team Title Match
Champions "Mad Dog" Matt Storm & Mr. Munroe w/ Rich Bass and T.J. Richter def. Jose Perez & Papi Cruz - Watch this match

World Title Match
Champion "Punisher" Don Vega def. Mr. Wrestling VI - Watch this match

Seton Academy teacher Paul Olson w/ John Cena, Sr. def. Carlos Arenas w/ Paul Lauzon - Watch this match