Results from April 17, 2011

Central Falls High School - Central Falls, RI
A benefit event for St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Academy's 8th Grade class trip

View photos from this event, courtesy of Franchise Photography's Picture Dave

Ring Officials: Willie Jackson, Zac Carter, Barbara Mahoney

National Anthem performed by Ashleigh Arenas - Watch

Tag Team Title Match
Champions Uncle Ulysses McGraw & Nick Steel w/ Daisy def. The Prestige (Ryan Waters & Matt Magnum) - Watch this match
Note: Nick Steel teamed with Ulysses due to the absence of the other McGraws. Ulysses made Nick an honorary McGraw, calling him "Nightmare" Nick Steel McGraw

New England Title Match
Keanu "the Samoan Nightmare" w/ Chi Wara def. Champion Nicholas Night, via D.Q. - Watch this match

Triple Threat Match
J.T. Fox def. Vinny Marseglia and Zack Static - Watch this match

Carlos Arenas spoke to the crowd and introduced his help for the main event - Watch

Doink def. Buddy Romano - Watch this match

WWE Legend "Dangerous" Danny Davis def. Mr. Wrestling VI - Watch this match

Terence Butler def. La Calabaza - Watch this match

Taeler Hendrix def. Luscious Latasha - Watch this match

World Title Match
Champion "Punisher" Don Vega def. Golden Burke - Watch this match

Seton Academy teacher Paul Olson & Paul Lauzon def. Carlos Arenas & Dr. Heresy - Watch this match