Results from April 25th

Thomas Chew Memorial Boys & Girls Club - Fall River, Massachusetts
Benefit show for the club

Ring Officials: Rene Menard, Dennis Giguere

- World Champion "Defenseman" Derek Molhan def. T.J. Richter
Before the contest, Vertabreaker wrestled Richter for the right to challenge Molhan. In the match, Vertabreaker was driven through two tables. Richter defeated his "partner in crime". As soon as Vertabreaker left the ringside area, Molhan entered the ring and locked up with Richter. Minutes into the championship match, Vertabreaker rejoined Richter and assisted him. (Referee Rene Menard allowed the double-team due to a "No DQ clause added just before the match) In the final seconds of the contest, Vertabreaker held Molhan as Richter climbed the ropes. "The Defenseman" then used an elbow on Vertabreaker and put him in a "stunner". Then Richter, unaware of the change in control, jumped from the top rope and was caught by Molhan in a position that set up for another "stunner"

- New England Champion Scott Thomas def. Derek Destiny - Watch this match
Thomas used a figure-four leg lock to cause Destiny to submit. Following the match, Thomas announced to the crowd that Sub-Zero's partner (Exterminator) was unable to wrestle tonight, and Thomas challenged Amazin' Jay (who has never been on friendly terms with Sub-Zero). The plan: if Jay took Exterminator's place and help the Pillars of Power keep the Tag Team Championship, Jay would get a shot at Thomas' New England Title at "Power-Fest 98". Amazin' Jay agreed. - Watch

- Maniacal Mark & Don Juan de Santo def. Tag Team Champions Sub-Zero & Amazin' Jay (wrestling for Exterminator) via DQ
- Watch this match
As Amazin' Jay hit Don Juan de Santo with a trashcan, referee Dennis Giguere called for the bell. That resulted in a win for Mark and de Santo, but it was by DQ, and the titles cannot change hands.

- Steamroller def. Jason "the Slasher" - Watch this match
Steamroller was able to break out of the set up for Jason's "choke-slam" and used a "heart punch" to put away the Slasher.

- Daedilus Dimmak def. Great Acuma - Watch this match
Dimmak used a "belly-to-back" suplex to set up for a pin.

- Troy Young def. "American Eagle" Shane Simons - Watch this match
Young with "help" from his manager, Scott Knight, pinned Simons. But, at the fans request, the referee allowed the match to continue for five more minutes. Simons countered a close-line and followed up with a close-line, then picked Young up for a bodyslam and a leg drop to set up for the pin.

- Chief Dave Foxx def. Universal Soldier
Foxx used his "end of the trail" back drop to pin the Soldier

- Dr. Hersey def. Mighty Bosch via DQ
Vertabreaker ran in the ring and attacked Heresy. This resulted in referee Menard calling for the bell and Disqualifing Bosch for outside interference (Vertabreaker was not helping Bosch, he was simply attacking Heresy).

Thank you to the Fall River Boys & Girls Club and its members and all those who attended for a great show.