Results from June 3, 2007

Lee's Pond Park - South Attleboro, Massachusetts
Wrestling exhibition part of the South Attleboro Lions Club Community Festival

Click here for an article from the Attleboro Sun Chronicle.

Ring Officials: Willie Jackson, Zac Carter

Pier 6 Brawl - Watch this match
"Punisher" Don Vega wins a Pier 6 Brawl to determine the challenger for the PLW Championship. Order of elimination: Dr. Heresy, Kid Pyro, Kid Krazy, Michael Sain, Huey McGraw

Dr. Heresy speaks to the crowd before leaving - Watch this match

Mr. Wrestling 4 w/ Paul Lauzon def. "Defenseman" Derek Molhan - Watch this match

Kid Pyro def. Kid Krazy - Watch this match

Huey McGraw def. Michael Sain - Watch this match

World Title Match
Champion Chris Blackheart w/ Paul Lauzon def. "Punisher" Don Vega - Watch this match

The Kreeper def. David Baker - Watch this match