Results from June 13, 1998

"Slammin' for Zachary"
St. James Parish Center - Manville, R.I.
Benefit show for Zachary Smith, a local boy with epilepsy

-- Read an article from the Pawtucket Times promoting this event

Judging by the fans' reactions, the full house at St. James Parish Center enjoyed the night of wrestling, which helped Zachary Smith. In the crowd, watching the action, were ECW's Justin Credible and Spike Dudley. The parents of Zachary Smith and Power League Wrestling would like to thank all of the fans that came to the show, and thank you to St. James Church for allowing the use of the parish center.

The Junkyard Dog, who passed away in the days before this event, was remembered with the 10-bell salute.

Ring officials: Felix Ramos, Dennis Giguere

Sub-Zero def. Dr. Heresy - Watch this match
Sub-Zero used a clipboard (thrown into the ring by Don Juan de Santo for Heresy's use), and then his "Ice Mountain" for the win.

Troy Young w/ Scott Knight def. Alex Payne - Watch this match
Payne returned to PLW after a year long absence. However, he was defeated by Young (who is on a winning streak). Young used a DDT to end the match.

Steamroller def. Sacataka - Watch this match
Steamroller used his "heart punch" to obtain victory.

World Title Match - Universal Soldier def. "Defenseman" Derek Molhan (Soldier wins the title) - Watch this match
With the use of powder, the Universal Soldier set the Defenseman up for a sleeper hold, which turned a DDT and a pin, all resulting in a world title victory. But Power League Wrestling officials are investigating the match... not just for the illegal actions performed by the Universal Soldier , but for possibility that Derek Molhan threw the match. The Soldier (who is 0-3 in PLW matches) was offered the match by Molhan. When asked by PLW officials "what happened", Molhan literally attacked them. He announced his retirement to the crowd, but PLW officials may make his absence mandatory. - Watch

The World Title will stay with the Universal Soldier (he stole it from the officials after Derek Molhan attacked them). The questionable actions in the match have been overlooked due to special terms in the match contract (that were added by Molhan). However, the first title defense for the Soldier will be against the New England Champion Amazin' Jay, title for title (September 13 in Plainville, Ma.).

World Tag Team Title Match - Champions Maniacal Mark & Don Juan de Santo vs. Knights of the Realm (time limit draw) - Watch this match
The Knights used their finishing maneuver on de Santo to set him up for the pin, but the time ran out just before referee Dennis Giguere counted three.

Gino Martino def. Jason "the Slasher" - Watch this match
In what had seem to be an impressive win for the "Italian Strongman" (a match that lasted 23 seconds), may just have been another plot by Derek Molhan to further annoy the PLW officials. Molhan obtained the mask and wrestling gear of Jason "the Slasher", and wrestled against Martino as "the Slasher". And just 23 seconds after the match started, Jason (or rather Molhan) shouted "I give up", and then removed his mask to claim he was and always has been Jason. But keep in mind, the last time PLW was in Manville (September 1996), Molhan helped Shane Simons when he was being attacked by Jason and Maniacal Mark.

Shane Simons def. Scott Thomas - Watch this match
The last time these two wrestled, in April 1997, the match ended in a time limit draw. This time there was a winner. Thomas seemed to have the match won, but he missed an double ax-handle from the tope rope. And Simons took advantage of his opponents mistake, and then used a drop-kick from the top rope and big leg to gain the victory.

New England Title Match - Champion Amazin' Jay def. Exterminator - Watch this match
Once Tag Team Champions (and long time friends) wrestled for the New England Title. Amazin' Jay was the person who brought the Exterminator into PLW, but it was Exterminator wanting to force Amazin' Jay out of PLW. Exterminator set Jay up for a powerbomb, but Jay countered with a frankensteiner and then won the match with his "kick".