Results from June 28th, 1996

Joseph Jenks Jr. High School - Pawtucket, R.I.
Benefit for Pawtucket's July 3rd Fireworks Fund

Ring Officials: Rene Menard, Jack Savage, Bill Eaton, Jeff Bixby

Battle Royal - Watch this match
Participants: Defenseman, Pillars of Power (Exterminator & Sub-Zero), Scott Thomas, Steamroller, D.C. Flawless, Alex Payne, Paul Lauzon, Mighty Bosch, Sudden Impact, Terence Butler, Max Knight
Winner - "Lethal" Paul Lauzon

New England Title Match
Champion Macho Kid def. Maniacal Mark w/ Johnny Velour - Watch this match

Scott Thomas w/ D.C. Flawless def. Max Knight w/ Terence Butler - Watch this match

World Title Match
T.J. Richter w/ Johnny Velour def. Amazin' Jay (Richter wins championship. Richter dressed and wrestled as Knightmare, Jay's scheduled opponent.) - Watch this match

"American Eagle" Shane Simons w/ Derek Molhan def. "Lethal" Paul Lauzon w/ Alex Payne - Watch this match

World Tag Team Title Match
Pillars of Power def. Mighty Bosch & Sudden Impact - Watch this match

Tim Morrisey interviews Kirk and Spock of W.O.P.A. TV's "Spocks World" - Watch this match

Ladder Match - "Defenseman" Derek Molhan w/ Shane Simons def. Alex Payne w/ Paul Lauzon - Watch this match