Results from July 17, 2011

Pierce Field - East Providence, Rhode Island
Part of the East Providence Heritage Festival

View two photo albums from this event courtesy of Franchise Photography's Picture Dave and Jack Diamond

Ring Officials: Matt Calamare, Andrew Briggs, Jimmy Dean

I.M. Valor, Justin Tunis & J.T. Dunn w/ Vernon Somoza def. Golden Burke, Marshall McNeil & Dr. X. w/ Dr. Heresy - Watch this match

"Sensational" Scott Levesque w/ Chi Wara def. Damien Darling - Watch this match

David Baker vs. Kevin Cordeiro ruled no contest after Mr. Munroe interfered in the match - Watch this match

T.J. Richter w/Rich Bass def. Mini McGraw - Watch this match

"Devils Reject" Brandon Webb w/ Valkerie def. Devin Baker - Watch this match

Mr. Munroe w/ Rich Bass def. Terence Butler - Watch this match

Chris Blackheart def. Roger Williams, MD - Watch this match

Matt Magnum def. "Shady" Shay Silva - Watch this match

Matt Storm w/ Rich Bass def. Papi Cruz - Watch this match