Results from July 27, 2007

Freetown Memorial VFW - East Freetown, Massachusetts
Benefit for Erin Arruda, a local girl seriously injured in a car accident

Ring Officials: Tom James, Rich Bass, Barbara Mahoney, Todd Taylor

World Title Match
Champion Chris Blackheart def. "Punisher" Don Vega

Tag Title Match
Champions Extreme Heat w/ Kelly Brooks def. the Brazilian Hug Squad

Rick Fuller def. Eddie Edwards

David & Brickhouse Baker and Firecat def. "Mad Dog" Matt Storm, Evan Siks and T.J. Richter

Doink the Clown def. The Kreeper w/ Taeler Cassidy
Note: After the match, Kreeper was extremely upset about the loss. He got into a heated argument with Paul Lauzon, and at one point during the argument, ripped off his mask. Personal comments spoken by Kreeper caused Lauzon to get in the ring and attack Kreeper. The two had to be separated by the entire lockerroom. "The Kreeper" Brandon Webb, as he's now known, would face Lauzon in a 'no holds barred' match later on that evening.

"Lethal" Paul Lauzon def. "Kreeper" Brandon Webb w/ Taeler

"Schoolboy" Derik Destiny w/ Tammy won a battle royal.
Other participants: Chris Blackheart, Kid Pyro, Frank Blaze, Kreeper, "Buttery" Bert Williams, "Sweet" Pete Waters, Rocco Abruzzi, "Punisher" Don Vega