Results from August 21, 2010

Gradwell Field - Pawtucket, Rhode Island
A wrestling exhibition presented by the Fairlawn Cardinals Youth Football & Cheerleading

Ring Official: Andrew Briggs

Matt Magnum def. David Baker - Watch this match

Brandon Webb def. Papi Cruz - Watch this match

Heavywieght Title Match
Champion "Punisher" Don Vega def. Vinny Marseglia - Watch this match

Mr. Munroe vs. Uncle Ulysses McGraw w/ Daisy McGraw (Double Count-Out) - Watch this match

Brickhouse Baker def. Shawn Candido - Watch this match

Terence Butler def. Maniacal Mark in an impromtu match after Mark proclaimed the Cardinals could not match the crosstown Darlington Braves. Butler was a coach for the Cardinals in the past and defended the team in the squared circle. - Watch this match

Scott Levesque & Rob Hagan def. The Convicts - Watch this match