Results from August 30, 2008

Gradwell Field - Pawtucket, RI
Part of the Fairlawn Cardinals Family Fun Day.

Ring Officials: Matt Calamare, Da Bronx Thug (special guest referee)

Prior to the matches, a moment of silence and the ten bell salute was held in memory of Walter "Killer" Kowalski who passed away early that morning.

PLW Title Match
Champion "Punisher" Don Vega def. Mr. Wrestling IV

T.J. Richter def. Kevin Karizma

Mr. Wrestling VI def. Marcus K. Fabian

Nicholas Night def. Chris Blackheart

Six Man Tag Team Match
Dr. Heresy, Kid Krazy & Johnny Idol def. Doug Summers, Brad Hollister & "Vicious" Andy Licious

Stuart the Dollmaker def. Dr. X.