Results from October 4, 2009

Power League Wrestling's 2009 Great Outdoors Tour

Telford Park - Plainville, Ma.
Part of the Plainville Lions Club Fall Festival

Ring Officials: Willie Jackson, Tom James

Nicholas Night def. Vinny Nero

"Mad Dog" Matt Storm w/ Rich Bass def. Masky McGraw

Mr. Munroe w/ Rich Bass def. Kid Krazy

Brickhouse Baker def. Davey Cash

After Brickhouse won his match, he was attacked by Nero, Storm and Munroe. McGraw and Krazy came to his aid and suggested that they fight in a 4-on-3 tag team match to settle the score...
Masky McGraw, Kid Krazy & Brickhouse Baker def. Vinny Nero, Davey Cash, Matt Storm & Mr. Munroe