Results from November 13, 1994

St. Pius V Church - Providence, R.I.
Benefit event for the church

World Title Match
Punisher def. Sub-Zero to win World Title (Note: Sub-Zero wrestling for an injured Scott Z.)

New England Title Match
Champion Maniacal Mark def. "Mad Man" Kevin E.

Amazin' Jay def. Macho Kid

Masked Ninjas def. Flawless Foundation (via D.Q.)

The Coroner def. Whispering Death

Exterminator def. Mercenary (via D.Q.)

Sub-Zero def. Jugmanos #5 & #7

Battle Royal: participants - Kevin E., Coroner, Whispering Death, Max Knight, Scott Thomas, Macho Kid, Amazin' Jay, Exterminator, Maniacal Mark, Sub-Zero, Punisher
Winner: Amazin' Jay