Results from December 21, 2003
"2001 Power-House Brawl"

Saint Raphael Academy Gymnasium - Pawtucket, R.I.
Benefit show for the Pawtucket Fire Relief Fund

Johnny Curtis, Mighty Mini & Kenn Phoenix def. Heavyweight Champion Dr. Heresy, Andre Lyons & Kid Krazy w/ Maniacal Mark and Nicholas Santone

Lightweight Title Match
Irwin Quincy w/ MCAS def. Tim Kilgore to win championship

Impact Inc. (Jose Perez, Verte & Karizma) def. E.o.S. (Onyx, Cinna & Riot)

"Defenseman" Derek Molhan def. "Lethal" Paul Lauzon w/ Gina Marie

Duke Maximum w/ Athena def. Derik Destiny

The Damned def. Don Vega & Chris Blackheart

Power-House Brawl:
Wrestlers draw numbers earlier in the day. The numbers represent the order of entrance. The men who drew #'s 1 and 2 will start the "Brawl". After one minute, the wrestler who drew #3 will enter. The wrestler who drew #4 will enter a minute later. And so on, until all the wrestlers have entered the contest. A wrestler is eliminated when he is thrown over the top rope and on to the floor. If the wrestler lands on the apron and successfuly re-enters the ring without touching the floor, he will be allowed to stay in the contest.

Results from the Power House Brawl

Order of entrance
  1. Johhny Trendy
  2. XLK
  3. Duke Maximum
  4. Bryan Heel
  5. Slick Johnson
  6. Ghetto Fabulous
  7. PR Martinez
  8. Wanderer
  9. Mighty Moco
10. Huey McGraw
11. John Lowe
12. Bo Blitz
13. Onyx
14. Terry Thomas
15. Don Vega
16. Jose Perez
17. Riot
18. Kid Krazy
19. Johnny Curtis
20. Andre Lyons
21. MadDog
22. Karizma
23. Irwin Quincy
24. Verte
25. Mighty Mini
26. Maniacal Mark
27. Draven
28. Chris Blackheart
29. Kenn Phoenix
30. Derik Destiny


Order of elimination (and who eliminated them)
  1. Bryan Heel (Fabulous)
  2. Wanderer (Moco)
  3. Johnny Trendy (Moco)
  4. Slick Johnson (Moco)
  5. Duke Maximum (Moco)
  6. PR Martinez (Moco)
  7. XLK (Moco)
  8. Ghetto Fabulous (Moco)
  9. John Lowe (Blitz)
10. Mighty Moco (McGraw)
11. Huey McGraw (Krazy, Blitz & Thomas)
12. Bo Blitz (Vega & Thomas)
13. Andre Lyons (himself)
14. Mighty Mini (Curtis)
15. Onyx (Riot)
16. Riot (himself)
17. MadDog (Krazy)
18. Irwin Quincy (Thomas)
19. Kenn Phoenix (Perez)
20. Perez (Karizma)
21. Karizma (Perez)
22. Verte (Perez & Karizma)
23. Kid Krazy (Vega)
24. Derik Destiny (Mark & Thomas)
25. Chris Blackheart (Draven)
26. Maniacal Mark (Curtis)
27. Draven (Blackheart)
28. Terry Thomas (Vega)
29. Johnny Curtis (Vega)

Winner - Don Vega