Results from May 31, 2009

Jenks Junior High School - Pawtucket, R.I.
Benefit for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. All of the money collected will be added to the Pawtucket Fire Fighters "Fill the Boot" campaign.

Ring Officials: Tom James, Zac Carter, Matt Calamare

Dr. Heresy, Kid Krazy & B.A. Tatum w/ Joey Eastman def. Andy Licious, Billy King & Doug Summers - Watch this match

"Reflex" Eric Dylan def. Vinny Nero - Watch this match

Fatal Four-Way for the vacant PLW Tag Team Championship
Matt Storm & Mr. Munroe w/ Rich Bass def. Brickhouse Baker & David Baker, Jose Perez & Kevin Karizma and The Air Devils to win the title - Watch this match

Chris Blackheart w/ Paul Lauzon def. Nicholas Night - Watch this match

World Title Match
Champion "Punisher" Don Vega def. T.J. Richter w/ Rich Bass - Watch this match

"Gorgeous" Gino Giovanni def. "The Heat" Kris Pyro - Watch this match

Ladder Match for the PLW New England Title
Alex Payne w/ Paul Lauzon def. "Defenseman" Derek Molhan to win the title - Watch this match

Pawtucket Fire Fighters Jamie Pike & Jeff Johnson def. The Perfect 10 w/ Paul Lauzon - Watch this match