Results from December 30, 2001
"2001 Power-House Brawl"

West Warwick Civic Center - West Warwick, R.I.
Benefit show for the Rhode Island Community Food Bank

Click here for a newspaper article about this event from the Kent County Daily Times.

Ring Officials: Willie Jackson, Tom Gette, Kevin Garcia

Lightweight Title Match
Champion Chris Venom def. Kid Krazy - Watch this match

Gary Apollo def. "Punisher" Don Vega - Watch this match

Chris Hamrick & the Damned def. Edward G. Xtasy, Matt Vandal & "Protege" Mike Preston - Watch this match

World Title Match
"Heavenly" Johnny Angel def. Dr. Heresy to win championship - Watch this match

Tag Team Title Match
Elements of Suicide def. Mighty Moco & "Lethal" Paul Lauzon (for Jason "the Slasher") to regain the championship - Watch this match

New England Title Match
Champion Chris Blackheart def. Derik Destiny - Watch this match

Team O.I.C. (West Warick PD Sgts. Tiernan & Araujo) def. the Perfect 10 (Mr. Wrestling IV & Mr. Wrestling IV) - Watch this match

Power-House Brawl: - Watch

Wrestlers draw numbers earlier in the day. The numbers represent the order of entrance. The men who drew #'s 1 and 2 will start the "Brawl". After one minute, the wrestler who drew #3 will enter. The wrestler who drew #4 will enter a minute later. And so on, until all the wrestlers have entered the contest. A wrestler can be eliminated in two ways: 1) The wrestler is thrown over the top rope and on to the floor. If the wrestler lands on the apron and successfuly re-enters the ring without touching the floor, he will be allowed to stay in the contest. 2) If the wrestler is thrown out of the ring through the ropes, or climbs through the ropes by his own free will, he will be given a "ten-count" by an referee at ringside. If the wrestler fails to re-enter the ring, he will be declared eliminated.

Results from the Power House Brawl

Order of entrance
  1. T.J. Richter
  2. Chris Venom
  3. Wanderor
  4. Kid Krazy
  5. Tommy Knoxville
  6. Tyrus
  7. The Kreeper
  8. Jose Perez
  9. Mad Dog
10. "Punisher" Don Vega
11. Paul Lauzon
12. Draven
13. Maniacal Mark
14. Derik Destiny
15. Chris Blackheart


Order of elimination (and who eliminated them)
  1. Wanderor (Venom & Richter)
  2. Venom (Richter)
  3. Tommy Knoxville (Richter)
  4. Richter (himself)
  5. The Kreeper (Mad Dog & Perez)
  6. Tyrus (Draven)
  7. Derik Destiny (Vega)
  8. Mad Dog (Destiny)
  9. Kid Krazy (Perez)
10. Maniacal Mark (Draven & Lauzon)
11. Draven (Perez)
12. Jose Perez (Vega)
13. Don Vega (Lauzon)
14. Chris Blackheart (Lauzon)

Winner - "Lethal" Paul Lauzon